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All Hail! O Aberdeen Tech to thee! By time endear'd the more, Our hearts shall ever loyal be to thee and friends of yours, And mem'ries that shall never fade wherever we may roam, Shall rivet fast the frienships made in youth at boyhoods home, Long live! O Al-Ma Mat-ter, On thee may blessings rain, And may thy sons hereafter, And may thy sons hereafter, Bring honour to thy name.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Year End Rush Back to HK

05th Dec 2008 Dinner with Patrick

05th December 2008 7:30pm
泰軒 Thai Delight
John Lee

30th Oct 2008 Beer with 李健雄

30th October 2008 8:30pm
利景酒店地庫 Champs Bar
John Lee

27th Sep 2008 餐聚 with 梁培德

27th September 2008 7:30pm
after 37 years

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday Night Fever 炎炎夏日,歡聚消暑

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