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All Hail! O Aberdeen Tech to thee! By time endear'd the more, Our hearts shall ever loyal be to thee and friends of yours, And mem'ries that shall never fade wherever we may roam, Shall rivet fast the frienships made in youth at boyhoods home, Long live! O Al-Ma Mat-ter, On thee may blessings rain, And may thy sons hereafter, And may thy sons hereafter, Bring honour to thy name.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Albert Wong Home Warming

日期: 7月1日 (星期三)

時間: 7:30pm
地址: 沙田

Visit to Albert Wong's home for deluxe HIFI appreciation. Dinner in one of the Shatin restaurant nearby. Before dinner from noon time onward, all are welcome for music listening or Karaoke.