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All Hail! O Aberdeen Tech to thee! By time endear'd the more, Our hearts shall ever loyal be to thee and friends of yours, And mem'ries that shall never fade wherever we may roam, Shall rivet fast the frienships made in youth at boyhoods home, Long live! O Al-Ma Mat-ter, On thee may blessings rain, And may thy sons hereafter, And may thy sons hereafter, Bring honour to thy name.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lantau Hiking

日期: 2月8日 (星期日)

時間: 上午10時
集合地點: 港外線愉景灣渡輪碼頭

Marathon 2009 coincided with our hiking and yet we had 16 people participating, with special appearance of Leung Pui Tak (68). The walk from Discovery Bay to Silvermine Bay was a leisure and surely welcomed by the Tai Tai's with no complaints.

Weather was beautiful and the sun was only seen after we sat down for lunch. Go without saying, delicious food and free flow of cold beer delighted everyone. Those who couldn't make it would regret and have to wait awhile for the next event, probably in March when Richard Kan (526) returns to HK.

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