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All Hail! O Aberdeen Tech to thee! By time endear'd the more, Our hearts shall ever loyal be to thee and friends of yours, And mem'ries that shall never fade wherever we may roam, Shall rivet fast the frienships made in youth at boyhoods home, Long live! O Al-Ma Mat-ter, On thee may blessings rain, And may thy sons hereafter, And may thy sons hereafter, Bring honour to thy name.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dinner with Richard and Susana

日期: 4月3日 (星期五)
時間: 7:30pm
地點:百里鮮海鮮火鍋酒家 Everfresh Seafood Restaurant
地址: 銅鑼灣 告士打道250號伊利莎伯大廈1樓

A table for twelve eventually accomodated 17 oldboys. Unexpected arrival of Cheung WM (張偉明)stole the prelude overhelming the appearances of our honourable guests - the Kan couple. Though Richard said he's always back each year, many of us had not met him for over 32+ years. There is surely no excuses from now on. All participants enjoyed the 4 hours gathering. Go without saying, good food and generous supply of beers escorted us throughout the evening. Of course, the gathering brought back lots of old memories, punch lines and laughters. Thanks to Richard for bring us together!!!

  1. The retirement circle is growing bigger as Fung CH (馮熾雄)thrusts in, and Simon Siu claimed he will soon be joining??.
  2. Two years from now, it is our 40 graduation anniversary. A proposal is drawn to celebrate the event in Easter 2011 in Hong Kong. Ideas are very much welcomed.