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All Hail! O Aberdeen Tech to thee! By time endear'd the more, Our hearts shall ever loyal be to thee and friends of yours, And mem'ries that shall never fade wherever we may roam, Shall rivet fast the frienships made in youth at boyhoods home, Long live! O Al-Ma Mat-ter, On thee may blessings rain, And may thy sons hereafter, And may thy sons hereafter, Bring honour to thy name.

Monday, April 29, 2013


在網上撿拾到這篇文章,記載著一些已公開的養生之道,現公諸同好。歡迎下載 ...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dinner with Richard and Jonathan

Dinner with Richard and Jonathan

ATS71 got a chance to hang out with Richard and Johnathan for a 東江菜 dinner at 泉章居 on 3 April。 The Kan family had had a 3-day visit in Shanghai and return to HK free of H7N9. While Johonatan will fly back to LA alone on 5/4/2013, the Kan couple is taking a cruise from Japan porting Russia and Alaska back to Vancouver and then home。 Richard planned to return at end of year。